Catering FAQ

Can you bring the TYS machines to my event?
No. We prepare your flavors and toppings prior to your event and bring them ready to serve.

What is the difference between Pick Up and Full Service?
TYS offers two different catering options – Pick Up (up to 60 servings) and Full Service (40 or
more servings). Pick Up: Call 24 hours in advance, choose the number of servings (5oz.),
choose your yogurt flavors, choose your toppings (to be weighed), and we will have it ready for
you at the time you need. Full Service: Call 7 days in advance, choose between 3 package
options (depending on your needs), and the TYS Team Members will be at your event for 1 hour
to serve your guests.

What flavors and toppings can I choose?
We are able to provide the full list available in our stores (flavors and toppings vary by location).
If you CAN’T DECIDE, a TYS Team Member will be able to provide suggestions of our most popular
flavors to fit your needs.

How much does it cost to have TYS cater?
We also provide different package
options that fit all of your pricing needs. To provide the best information for your event, email

How do you keep the yogurt cold?
We bring the pre-packaged yogurt to you insulated coolers and as we serve the yogurt and
toppings they are placed in trays of ice to keep it at the perfect temperature.

Do you cater weddings?
We can cater weddings and many other types of events such as: Corporate Events, School
Events, Employee/Client Appreciation Events, Holiday Parties, Private Dinners, and more!

I live an hour away from the nearest TYS, can you still cater my event?
We want to ensure that when we bring TYS to you that we have maintained the quality of the
product that you are used to. If you are further than 20 miles from a TYS store, the yogurt may
suffer in transport and we only want to deliver the best product to you.

What do I need to do to get ready for TYS to cater at my event?
We will need a 6 foot table to set up our toppings and space to fit our insulated coolers, we will
provide the rest! There will be a minimum of 2 TYS Team Members prepared with your favorite
flavors and toppings including napkins, spoons, and cups.