Tart Flavors

Totally Tart
Hawaiian Pineapple
Strawberry Fields Forever
Mango Madness
Tiki Taro
Berry Splash

Sweet Flavors

Chocolate Craving
Straight Up Vanilla
Cookies 'n Cream
I Love NY Cheesecake
Chocolate Blanco
Cake Batter Up
Red Velvet Luxe
Nutty Butter
Creamy Mint Cookies

Non Dairy

Razzgranate Sorbet
Mango Tango Sorbet
h2o Melon Sorbet
Orange Blast Sorbet

*Flavors may vary by location and are subject to change*
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With 12 + exotic yogurt flavors and over 30 different toppings, our customers have a multitude of choices in front of them to create their own dessert instantly. This unique selling point allows our customers to be as artistic and
inventive as they would like.